• Black Girl Friday 2014

    A lot of the haters thought that I would be too wavy on the Thanksgiving gravy, to do another Black Girl Friday.  But here I am in the face of all odds and gravy, doin' it.  For this, the blackest of all days, you can take off a big 20% on the house!  Big mommas house!  Just enter the promo code BGF14 at check out.

    Much <3 & gravy!

  • Free Stuff

    Free Stuff

    I have to make room over here in the siq shop, soooo, I have a bunch of S.A. merch that I will be giving away at random, for FREEEEE with shop orders!  Starting NOW and ending when I run out!! OOOOOOOOOO!

    Visit the $hop here:

  • Bgr Psy Pmo Vid

    So for today's pro-blast blog post, I am posting this ULT PAR ONE promo vid from 2007. I forgot about this one until it recently appeared in a "suggested videos" email from YouTube.  They know me!  They know my username at least.

  • Something Sneaky

    You know how sometimes in a movie someone will be doing something sneaky and then someone will come up to them and say “I know what you're up to, you don't fool me”. And the person gets all nervous, then the other person tells them what they “know they are up to” and it turns out to be something completely different and innocent and the person is all “oh ya, hehe I guess you got me”. Then they both go about their business.